About Prins Craft

Prins Craft is a division of Prins Holdings; an Engineering manufacturing company, which offers an engineering related service predominately mechanical services from project turnkey solution to clustered divisional service such as metal fabrication, structural steel fabrication, engineering machining and turning.

The business was founded in May 2007 by founding member Theo Prins. He was on his own for 3 years when his son Virgil Prins joined in 2010. Together they ran and managed all projects and operations. In 2015 daughter, Keenan-Lee Van Sensie joined to head up all operations of the company. Lastly in 2017 his last-born daughter Geordè Prins-Thomas joined to take care of the financial duties of the business.

Together we run this family business.

As a group we have decided to change the business model to be more customer oriented, whereby focusing on market and consumer trends. This methodology will ensure a pro-active approach towards markets, trends and drive the Competitive Edge.